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Counting By 3’s

Posted by bermudahomeschooler on February 3, 2006

Once your child has learned how to skip count by 2’s, 5’s, & 10’s; it’s time to tackle more.  Here’s a neat tip:

Draw a circle and tell your child to imagine that it’s a clock face.  Ask him to point where 3 o’clock would be.  Gently show your child if they miss.  Then ask your child to point to 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock then 12 o’clock.

Next, then have your child standup and pretend they are a clock.  Have them  stretch their right arm and lift it to 3 o’clock,  then down pointing at their feet for 6 o’clock, then have them take their left hand outstretched to 9 o’clock, and then finally take that left hand and point it over their head for 12 o’clock. 

Have them do that several times, in no time they will have grasped counting by 3’s using a common reference.

After awhile, you can continue going around the clock for the higher numbers 15, 18 etc while at the same time introducing 24 hour time.

 This is a kinesthetic way to do a mathdrill.


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